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 Nimble offers customers smarter ways to protect residents, staff, and property with our integrated Access Control solutions.

Nimble knows that Access Control is an enterprise priority, and we are passionately committed to improving businesses and protecting people where they live and work.Our access control security systems permit your organization to control employee and visitor access to sensitive areas. Create, monitor, and secure all critical entry points.  Nimble provides the latest technology in a proven, scalable, fully integrated and simple to install system which can be managed from one easy to use and powerful Windows or browser based software application.

Nimble provides every aspect of a reliable security system by integrating surveillance cameras with your access control system. Nimble provides the necessary tools to enable viewing of all cameras at all locations. Recordings can be constant, on a scheduled basis, motion activated, or event triggered. And you can be notified by your preferred method – E-mail, text, phone, etc. Plus, we offer a variety of identification technologies such as key tags, ID badges, and biometric fingerprinting.

·You control who has access, when they have access and where they have access

·You see the authorized users who gained access, as well as the unauthorized users who attempted access

·Integration with surveillance cameras permits instant recording when unauthorized access is attempted or an alarm is generated.  The video triggers notification (including a picture of the event) via your preferred method (E-mail, text, etc.)

We offer a wide range of integrated IP-based electronic access control (EAC) solutions from access control systems, door controllers and card readers, to servers, proximity cards and access control software.


  • A comprehensive Access Control solution that provides information and authority to help run businesses more efficiently can be as important to a bottom line as it is to security. Electronic Access Control solutions help protect an organization’s members and premises and help manage and streamline security responsibilities.
  •  Using our Access Control solutions in an emergency situation, Nimble’s customers are able to remotely administer and control access to multiple facilities, as well as activate a synchronized and centralized lock-down capability.
  • Integrating state-of-the-art video elements, Nimble designs, installs, maintains and upgrades standalone systems, networked enterprise-wide systems or hosted systems to offer a full range of customized Access Control solutions. We serve all types of customers, from small business operations to large corporate campuses, from growing retail chains to complex warehouse networks.

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