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Whether you have an immediate short-term technical project or are looking for a long-term trusted IT partner, Nimble is here for you. For almost twenty years, we’ve been helping organizations like yours leverage technology for their benefit. With a staff of certified technical and network support professionals, we have the resources and expertise to overcome any IT challenge that you may have — quickly and efficiently.


We combine preventative system maintenance, antivirus tools, data backup, and exemplary customer service to keep your computer running at peak performance.  Our technicians provide solutions to the most challenging issues, including access control, digital video processing or storage systems.
We can fix and optimize anything that connects to your computer or the Internet.  Nimble covers every aspect of your digital life.  We cover: smartphones, tablets, Macs/PCs, printers. routers, cameras, security cameras, drivers, communication software, productivity software, multimedia software, security software, networks, servers, and browsers.  We'll get every device you have to perform at its best.  With secure remote access, the technician explains every step they are taking to solve your issue.  You're in complete control on your computer while we simultaneously resolve your issue.  Without our consent, we won’t add or remove anything.  On your screen you are able to watch every single procedure we take.  We can create secure, off-site copies of all your important data in case it is ever missing.  Carbonite, a backup to The Cloud, powers this.

Some services included:


  • Login to your e-mail
  • Optimization
  • Set-up and installation
  • Networking
  • Malware and Virus Protection
  • File Back-up and Security
  • Computer Repair

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