IT Assessments

Reach the Next Level of Success through a Strategic IT Process

Nimble follows a 5-step IT assessment process that starts with a thorough analysis of your “current state” then concludes with a “future state” recommendation.  It is a proven method to assure that IT is completely aligned to you’re your business vision, mission and goals and delivers maximum ROI across all business processes.


The vCIO, acting as a Discovery Assessment Project Manager, collects data and information about existing systems (hardware and software), which includes age of each system, versions of software, network diagrams, business applications (email, document storage, accounting systems, HR systems, CRM systems, etc.), telephone systems, policies and procedures. In addition, there are stakeholder interviews to determine current needs, goals and overall challenges.  The data-gathering phase will also include a review of systems and/or services provided and managed by external suppliers.


During the documentation phase, the vCIO organizes the data collected in the discovery phase into an information resource that can be referenced and updated as a living set of information in support of the organization’s IT planning process. The organization itself receives access to the documentation to facilitate collaboration, communication and establish a solid foundation for on-going analysis.


During the recommendation phase we prepare a document detailing feedback gathered during stakeholder interviews, and the organization’s overall business plan coupled with a summary of its goals. Recommendations incorporate a risk-based methodology to allow prioritization and management solutions based on IT impact throughout the organization.  The vCIO offers multiple alternatives – where they exist – then provides a management perspective on alternatives, as well as budgetary guidance for the organization.  The final recommendations include a presentation of the prescribed plan to all stakeholders.

Roadmap Development

During the IT roadmap development phase, the vCIO will integrate recommendations, feedback received from stakeholders, and develops a prioritized roadmap document that serves as a living plan to guide all planning, implementation and budget discussions. The roadmap is designed to be updated annually by the vCIO. It factors in achievements during the prior year and new goals for the upcoming year.

Change Management

During the change management phase the vCIO becomes part of your organization’s leadership team to manage the effective roll-out of IT strategy throughout the organization.  The vCIO will manage internal IT employees and external suppliers to assure that all daily IT needs are being delivered with the highest quality service levels, which in return allows senior management to focus on core business functions.

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