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Security cameras can help act as barriers or a deterrent to crime.  At Nimble we integrate the best high tech video surveillance systems with other key security technologies to stand against such threats.  External threats of theft, vandalism or violence are ever-present.Keeping your business safe and protected can be a job by itself. That’s why it makes sense to partner with a dedicated professional security provider.  If you own a business, you know how seriously theft – from burglars or even your own employees – can affect your bottom line. Being aware of what you may face daily can help reduce your chances of becoming another business crime statistic.  Whether you’re a lawyer, an accountant or other business services professional, you often deal with a highly complex work environment, and you need a security system that can help you deter theft, control who can access your business, and monitor your business operations and workplace violence.  Help provide a feeling of safety and security to employees .  Use effective video monitoring to help protect the data that keeps your business up and running.  Hire a professional to install security cameras for you. Nimble security systems will set up your surveillance system, run all cables from the cameras to the DVR, make all low voltage electrical and video connections while making sure that the cameras are aimed, focused and adjusted properly.  We integrate Analog And IP Camera Technology together.  The ability to view images in crystal clear HD technology enables business owners to capture intricate information such as license plates, facial features, and all around more vivid and vibrant detail vs. analog.  IP technology does cost more but is the future of surveillance.  An IP network runs POE (power over ethernet) or via wireless.  Traditional analog systems require both the camera cable and power cable to be ran from it’s permanent position.  IP uses one wire, or none, based on your bandwidth.  IP requires a vast amount of band width as well as storage.  RFT recommends a minimum of 2 TB of storage when using IP technology.  In determining ROI (Return-On-Investment) for a digital surveillance system, it can be difficult to determine because a surveillance system is primarily a preventative purchase, rather than a purchase related to income generation. However, there are circumstances and problems that can be either prevented or stopped via surveillance, before becoming a crippling problem, saving the company money. One such problem is employee theft or fraud.  Other problems include liability claims, fraud, robbery, customer theft, vandalism, cash flow, inventory control, and more.  What areas of your service location are most important?  The key is to cover those areas first and foremost, then expand as needed.  You can start with as little as 4 cameras, and just add additional cameras as needed. 

Security camera installation cost

Installation of your surveillance system will be at additional cost. Due to the variables of the security camera installation the labor price will be determined during the activation process. Additional parts may be required to complete the installation as specified. There are certain installation conditions and circumstances that will require an on-site quote from the installer.

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